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Fun, Professional Music Lessons in Shrewsbury

“A remarkable ability not only on tenor, alto and soprano sax but also on flute… Ian Mann Greene’s flute playing is stunning. He creates sounds and textures that come straight out of the Amazon, then soars up with clarity and focus… “
Casey Greene - Shrewsbury Music Teacher Welcome to Casey Greene’s music lessons in Shrewsbury! With over twenty-five years of experience in music tutoring (including the preparation for ABRSM – the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and LCM – London College of Music qualifications) there is no one who he cannot teach and has proved to be a very popular music teacher in Shrewsbury. No matter what your goals are, whether you are looking to start a new hobby or want to pursue music to a higher, competitive level, Casey Greene’s music lessons in Shrewsbury will be just the thing for you. Casey is an intuitive, talented teacher who enjoys improvising and bringing the best out of his students and has a fun, energetic approach to music lessons in Shrewsbury.

Saxophone Lessons in Shrewsbury

The saxophone is a wonderful instrument and completely intrinsic in the development of music styles such as jazz. Anyone embarking on saxophone lessons in Shrewsbury should know more about Casey’s background. As a skilled music teacher in Shrewsbury, Casey is passionate about playing the saxophone and has been doing so for over thirty years! This gives him the perfect situation from which to conduct saxophone lessons in Shrewsbury. Over the years he has picked up the skills needed to master the tenor, alto, soprano and baritone saxophones. His enthusiasm for such an influential instrument is evident through his lessons and it is impossible not to be effected by his energetic approach to learning and improvising. He is completely equipped to prepare students for jazz examinations including both the ABRSM – the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music as well as LCM – the London College of Music.

Flute Lessons in Shrewsbury

Learning to play the flute can be one of the most satisfying endeavours that you could ever embark on. The music that a flute can produce has the potential to be intensely beautiful and versatile, enhancing a number of differing musical styles. Casey Greene has been offering a very high standard of flute lessons in Shrewsbury for a few years now. It was, in fact, the flute which sparked Casey’s fervour for learning and teaching music. Casey’s flute lessons in Shrewsbury are ideal for students of all ages, ten or eleven being a good age to start, but the flute is a lovely instrument and well suited to adult beginners too. These lessons are ideal especially if you are hoping to take your classical examinations.

Clarinet Lessons in Shrewsbury

When signing up for clarinet lessons in Shrewsbury you want to know you are getting the best instruction possible. Learning to play the clarinet is more involved than simply puffing down a mouthpiece. Before even picking up a clarinet a music teacher in Shrewsbury first needs to instruct his student in a few basic principles such as how to hold the instrument and how to hold an “embouchure” – the correct way in which wind is blown down a mouthpiece. Casey’s clarinet lessons in Shrewsbury are comprehensive, enabling students to make fast progress to learn the art of improvising and become completely ready for jazz examinations as well as classical examinations.  
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