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Piano Lessons in Shropshire

“A remarkable ability not only on tenor, alto and soprano sax but also on flute… Ian Mann Greene’s flute playing is stunning. He creates sounds and textures that come straight out of the Amazon, then soars up with clarity and focus… “
Casey Greene - Shrewsbury Music Teacher Casey Greene is a multi-talented and extremely experienced performer and teacher. His love of all music styles and instruments makes him the ideal instructor for the beginner and intermediate students alike. For many students of music, piano lessons in Shropshire are the first step. A basic command of the piano can lead to a good understanding of many other musical instruments. Casey provides instructive, enjoyable, piano lessons in Shropshire for both young and old.

Saxophone Lessons in Shropshire

The saxophone is not an easy instrument to master and finding someone proficient enough to offer saxophone lessons in Shropshire can be tricky. It’s good news then to hear that Casey Greene has had a long and successful career mastering the saxophone and now offers professional saxophone lessons in Shropshire.

Flute Lessons in Shropshire

If you would like to become a skilled player of the flute you don’t have to look any further than Casey.  As well as the saxophone, piano and clarinet, Casey has a love of the beautiful music which the flute is capable of producing. Playing for his own band, Quiver, as well as for other artists, he has proven himself to be a master with this instrument. As well as teaching the basics in his flute lessons in Shropshire he will also help students become proficient all the way up to level 8. He also provides thorough examination preparation with ABRSM, Trinity and LCM. Casey Greene provides excellent flute lessons in Shropshire which are designed to help you achieve your full potential.

Clarinet Lessons in Shropshire

In the right hands the clarinet can produce some of the most melodious and soulful music. It is an essential part of every orchestra and irreplaceable in jazz bands. Casey has extensive experience in both aspects of performing. Learning the clarinet from a young age he enjoys both classical and modern forms of music. As well as offering clarinet lessons in Shropshire he also teaches at the Nottingham Trent University, performs with his own band, Quiver and organises jazz workshops with the aid of the band “Hoot”.  All this makes Casey an ideal teacher of clarinet lessons in Shropshire.
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