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Fun and Relaxed Music Lessons in Telford

“A remarkable ability not only on tenor, alto and soprano sax but also on flute… Ian Mann Greene’s flute playing is stunning. He creates sounds and textures that come straight out of the Amazon, then soars up with clarity and focus… “
Casey Greene - Shrewsbury Music Teacher If you are looking for music lessons in Telford which promote an enjoyable approach to learning and can prepare you for your jazz examinations or classical examinations then you can’t go wrong with Casey Greene. His knowledge and skills as a music teacher in Telford are unmatched, not to mention that as well as teaching he is also a passionate performer and expert in improvising. Casey himself started learning music at the age of eighteen and hasn’t looked back. Since settling in Shrewsbury, he has kept himself busy with numerous performances with his band Quiver as well as conducting fun, well constructed music lessons in Telford. He can ensure that you are entirely ready for your ABRSM – the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and LCM – London College of Music qualifications.

Saxophone Lessons in Telford

Learning to play the saxophone and understanding the ability of improvising is truly a rewarding experience; a soulful instrument which is unsurprisingly known as the backbone of jazz. All you need is a good pair of lungs and access to great saxophone lessons in Telford. Casey Greene is an experienced saxophone player who conveys his talent for the instrument through his saxophone lessons in Telford. Experienced in playing and teaching the tenor, alto, soprano and baritone saxophones, he is well qualified to carefully instruct his students in learning to play and prepare for their ABRSM – the Board of the Royal Schools of Music or their LCM – London College of Music exams.

Expert Flute Lessons in Telford

The flute is a wonderful instrument, sweetly melodious it is no wonder that it is famously known as the instrument of choice for the pied piper. The flute is where Casey’s own musical journey began, sparking a life long love for music. Casey Greene’s flute lessons in Telford are fun and informative, ideal for students of any age and any capability. Whether you are a novice or would like to fine tune your skills, Casey’s flute lessons in Telford will be able to adapt to your needs, which may include qualifying for ABRSM – the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music or LCM – London College of Music.

Clarinet Lessons in Telford

A favourite instrument in classical, jazz and many other musical styles, the clarinet is extremely versatile. There are many things to keep in mind when embarking on clarinet lessons in Telford. For example, learning the correct embouchure (the correct way of blowing air into the mouthpiece and which is essential for jazz examinations as well as classical examinations) and mastering the finger skills needed, can also take effort and time. The result is well worth it, and with Casey Greene’s clarinet lessons in Telford you can be assured of an enthusiastic and sympathetic instructor. If you would like any further information about finding the right music teacher in Telford, feel free to contact Casey on 01743 356 789.
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