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Professional Saxophone Lessons in Nottingham

“A remarkable ability not only on tenor, alto and soprano sax but also on flute… Ian Mann Greene’s flute playing is stunning. He creates sounds and textures that come straight out of the Amazon, then soars up with clarity and focus… “
Casey Greene - Shrewsbury Music Teacher Casey Greene is in the ideal position to provide professional saxophone lessons in Nottingham. Learning an instrument is a life-long passion as Casey will testify to, having started his love affair with the saxophone at the age of nineteen. Since then he’s proved himself to be an expert on the tenor, alto and soprano sax – his love of music moving him to master every genre of it. Along with learning, also comes teaching and Casey’s teaching experience goes back almost three decades. Starting off as an enthusiastic student of music and then going on to graduate from a prestigious Sydney centre for music he has gone on to play at many live events including musical theatre productions.

Flute Lessons in Nottingham

If you are looking for flute lessons in Nottingham you can’t go wrong with Casey Greene as your instructor. The flute is where it all began for Casey; his love of music, and especially the beautiful melodies produced by this instrument, stirred him to take up the flute as a teenager. It was just a short step for him to then master it to the point of being able to expertly teach it. From this point on he has gone from strength to strength and has proven himself as one of the most capable providers of flute lessons in Nottingham and the surrounding areas.

Clarinet Lessons in Nottingham

Once you’ve got the flute and saxophone firmly under your belt, it’s not long before you’re adding the clarinet to your repertoire. Indeed, this was how things progressed for Casey; combining his affection for the wind instrument family and his love of jazz, mastering the clarinet was not difficult. So now, as well as flute and saxophone lessons in Nottingham, he also offers well rounded, beautifully constructed clarinet lessons in Nottingham too. Casey’s clarinet lessons are perfect for students who are either looking to take exams and pursue the instrument professionally or for those who would just like to learn the clarinet on a casual basis.

Teaching Jazz Improvisation in Nottingham

Learning to play and master an instrument takes time, energy and dedication but something which cannot be overlooked is the fun and pure enjoyment such an endeavour can result in. However, book learning, hours upon hours of practicing and exam stress can easily bury this fact. Casey has found a wonderful way of helping his students rediscover their love of music by teaching jazz improvisation in Nottingham. Jazz is different to many genres of music by credit of it’s free flowing feel and structure. However, like playing all good music, this is also a skill which needs to be learned. Casey has been teaching jazz improvisation in Nottingham for a while now and has proved what a brilliant instructor he is.

Thorough Examination Preparation with ABRSM, Trinity, LCM

Some of the most gruelling and important periods in a musician’s life are when they are embarking upon an examination. Casey has been involved with teaching and performing music for most of his life. His work with the Nottingham Trent University also puts him in the ideal position for helping students with examination preparation with ABRSM, Trinity and LCM.
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