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Testimonials from Students

"We really enjoyed last night. I like the input-the drills, the exercises. Great stuff. And you always give us something to work towards. Thanks."

Dave & Lesley

"Casey Greene has taught flute, saxophone and clarinet at Shrewsbury High School for nine years, during which time his pupils have progressed very successfully, with sound technique, and really enjoyed their lessons, especially those studying for the higher ABRSM jazz graded exams. Casey’s exceptional performing skills and experience are a great asset to his teaching, and he has been a pleasure to work with within the music department." 

Maureen Powell Davies
Director of Music, Shrewsbury High School
16 04 2013

"Casey has been teaching my 18 year old daughter for the past 12 months. His impact is such that she has recently succeeded in completing her first public solo flute performance to great acclaim, her tenor sax improvisation with Adjazz has been highly commended and she has her first ‘professional gig’ playing both flute and tenor sax for The Oswestry Musical Theatre Company over coming weeks.

As a professional and accomplished musician performing with several groups and leading others, Casey has current experience of the practicalities of musicianship. He plays and teaches both classical and jazz styles, appropriately challenging his pupils to give of their best.

Casey actively listens to his pupils’ requirements and seeks to meet these through a variety of methods. He values the discipline of regular practice and scales as a means of supporting playing for enjoyment and improvisation, as well as preparation for examinations. His lessons involve both solo, supported and duet playing, and practice for any ensemble playing outside the lessons on request. He shares his knowledge of playing and practicing techniques, including some playing ‘by ear’ as an aid to improvisation. Casey also helps his pupils to achieve the correct embouchure and consequently the best tone available from their instruments, making practical suggestions regarding reeds and mouthpieces where appropriate. Casey will also provide support for auditions, performances and exams and help to develop self confidence, focusing on audience expectations.

Casey encourages listening to professional and amateur recordings as an aid to learning new pieces but also to develop an understanding of musical interpretation and a variety of techniques, with a view to finding your own personal style, once the basics have been mastered.

Whatever the reason for seeking woodwind tuition, I can highly recommend Casey as a tutor for all ages and abilities".

Dawn Edwards 09 04 2013

"Hi Casey, just contacting to say thank you so much for all your help in preparing for my audition. It was very kind of you to take so much time to help. The improvisation part of the audition went very well and I received an email from Berklee earlier this week and they have offered me a scholarship based on the audition so thank you very much."

Rob Collins Shrewsbury School

"Casey is an amazing teacher. I enjoy my lessons, they are always good fun. Casey knows lots and he encourages me to learn new things, practise lots and listen to new music."

Sam (12) Alto Sax

"Casey has proved to be the best sort of teacher for our son Sam. He provides a relaxed atmosphere for learning and encourages Sam to try his best. As a result Sam is thoroughly enjoying learning the Sax and is progressing really well through his Jazz exams. Casey has also encouraged Sam to go to gigs, take part in open mic events and listen to a wide range of music."

Andy & Nicola (Sam’s parents)

"Casey has been inspirational, my son has come on leaps and bounds while being taught by Casey. With a teenage boy it is not easy keeping them inspired and willing to work at it, but Casey has done wonders. I wish he could teach at our school. It would make such a difference to the attitude to jazz and the enthusiasm of the children. "

Megan Arnold

"Victoria has been learning the flute with Casey for 2 years. She thoroughly enjoys her lessons and is progressing really well. Casey has an excellent raport with Victoria (age 10). He has a variety of ways to teach good rhythm and techniques to help her musicality. He also gives out plenty of praise and encouragement. I would highly recommend Casey as a music teacher to anyone interested, whether a beginner or an advancing musician."

Helen Mitchell

"It is thanks to Casey’s encouragement and teaching skills that I have realised one of my ambitions – to play some of my favourite African grooves and play them in a band , along with a variety of other musical styles. He is always very positive and instills confidence through his teaching and band leadership as well as making it fun!"

Kim Beesley

"Our daughter Eleanor has been studying the flute with Casey for about three years now and the improvement in her playing has been wonderful. Casey’s patience and attention (which he has in abundance) have paid dividends – even down to the amount of the practice she does. She used to consider practicing a chore but not since Casey began tutoring her she now practices willingly and happily – no more threats required from me! Not only does Casey teach the child to play the instrument of their choice he also teaches them to love the music itself and the fact that they are enjoying what they are doing in itself improves their playing."


"Casey has been my teacher for about three years. He has been really patient with me and inspired me to try jazz. I am now practising for my grade 4 jazz exam and love playing this music !!"

Tom Harrison Age 12 – Clarinet

“I have been playing electric bass guitar in a jazz workshop led by Casey Greene for over twelve months now. Casey has a very friendly and relaxed style of teaching and is always encouraging and motivational. We play a mix of Jazz, Latin, Blues and African pieces and I think I have improved dramatically given that I was totally new to the jazz style in particular. We have a pretty good functional big-piece band emerging now which extends the pleasure of playing music beyond the workshop. Casey is a key figure in music networks and through him I have met other musicians from whom I’m learning a great deal and it is a privilege making new friendships. Casey is a significant influencing factor in my musical development and journey.”

Chris Pitts – Electric Bass – November 2011.

“Started with Casey as a birthday present always wanted to play the sax but never got round to it. Couldn’t read a note at first but now playing regularly on Tenor and Baritone sax in a local band. Made to feel comfortable and not pressurised into learning too fast, things taken at my own pace and explained melodically and in a logical manner. Still attend regular lessons as you are always learning.”

Mark Larner – Tenor Saxophone- 2011

"Casey is a versatile musician with a breadth of knowledge and experience. As a teacher he imparts his knowledge with appropriate pace and sensitivity to his students needs and ability level. Casey’s relaxed manner, obvious love of his subject and no-nonsense approach, allows his students to make progress quickly towards their goals."

Stuart Thomas – Electric Guitar -2011

"Having always wanted to play Saxophone I thought I’d left it too late in life to learn but having found Casey with his great teaching skills and patience, he is helping me achieve my ambition."

Roger Banks – Alto Saxophone – 2011

"…I wish I had discovered Casey years ago. I’ve been struggling on my own for ages, but in the first lesson, he gave some purpose & direction to my practising…"

Danny Jones- Trombone – 2011

"Hi I have been a pupil of Caseys now for just over four years,during this time I have progressed from being a complete non music Reading beginner, to feeling confident enough and good enough to be part of our band HOOT". I will continue to be a pupil of caseys until he can no longer inspire me to greater things…… So a very long time I anticipate. Thanks casey for making it fun and enjoyable. Kind regards"

Craig Walker – Alto Saxophone – 2011

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